Trend Micro’s Defensive Strategies Against Severe Attacks

In today’s competitive world, huge number of people rely on the gadgets, machines for their work. The great dependability on the gadgets contributes in making industries targets of cyber threats, hackers, online attackers and many more, being one of the main sources of their income. These cybercriminals have developed cyber spy to ensure them about the interest groups that want to use latest technical knowledge and intelligence to achieve and maintain a high platform in the market-driven global economy. These cyber spy campaigns are too used for conducting carefully planned strategic cyberattacks. 

Therefore there is a wide demand for developing drastic and reliable prevention strategies as an integral part of a businesses’ day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, till now no defensive protection is available against such determined enemies. 


But recently Trend Micro (an Internet Security Pro) has shown, how to defend against cyberattacks, and even the insider threats. The firm has released two free tools: 

  • Trend Micro Crypto-Ransomware File Decryptor Tool: This is developed to help the users to fight against the attackers by retrieving their files that were ‘held hostage’ back from these threats. For example – systems affected with TeslaCrypt and CryptXXX (crypto-ransomware variants).   
  • Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tool: This is developed for the victims of locked screen and will help the victims to access their screen even though the malicious software is blocking normal and in safe mode with networking. 

The priority of both is to prevent the victims from getting depress and moreover to prevent them from paying the demanded ransom to retrieve their own data. 

Risks of ransomware threats are increasing rapidly and it not only target individuals, small businesses but even large firms and big enterprises. It reaches banks, health centers, government organizations and many more. But these free tools offered by Trend Micro Antivirus Support has empower the users (large firms or small enterprises) so that they won’t have to pay the ransom fee to retrieve their data or even lose their important data.     

Though Trend Micro tools will provide a great customer support for dealing with the online threats and recovering important files and regaining access to systems yet this security suite is an electronic product, therefore can encounter some issues. Hence, technicians at VSupport24 are always there to support you to resolve any issue occurred in Trend Micro security software. 

Other solutions provided by Trend Micro 

Along with these free tools, Trend Micro also assist enterprises, businesses to raise awareness among their employees and also to educate them about what to do, when they face threats; whether in incoming emails or while visiting malicious sites or even in pop-ups appearing on their screen. It also provides a multi-layered, step- by-step guidance to lessen the affects as well as risks brought by the malicious attacks.

Trend Micro Smart security suites involves various features:

  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector feature provide email and web gateway solutions by detecting as well as blocking the detected online attacks on networks
  • Behavior monitoring and application control, and vulnerability shielding features will minimize the impact of the attacks
  • Deep Security feature don’t let the online hazards to reach the end users, servers regardless they are physical, virtual or in the cloud  
  • Trend Micro Worry-Free Services provides cloud-based email gateway security to small businesses, enterprises via hosted email security
  • Trend Micro Security 10 is developed especially for home users to keep them safe from this hazardous environment by detecting, blocking and troubleshooting malicious websites, emails, and files


Still having issues?

Trend Micro is an excellent solution for everyone but if the customers are still facing the issues, feel free to contact the technicians at VSupport24 for Trend Micro Support. VSupport24 tech experts are available 24x7 to assist, support the customers in resolving the issues related to Trend Micro Security Services. At our help desk, we also provide support for Windows, Avast antivirus, or for other technical devices as well as operating systems and even for various types of antivirus. We ensure the customers with satisfactory solutions for resolving each and every issues that bothers them.